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Backpack and Package tours

There are a lot of ways that you can enjoy your life. One of the most relaxing and amazing ones is TRAVELING. However, choosing backpacking or package tours to join in is not easy as they have different advantages and disadvantages. Hence, let’s take through below information to find out the good one for your plans.


Backpacking – Experiencing new and amazing things by yourself


Sometimes, you travel with some of your friends and they help you to do something during the trip but backpacking is different. Although you never know how to set up a tent before, you have to do it by yourself if you go backpacking. Or  when you go hiking and you face a bear, what do you do next, it’s up to you. Maybe you will not deal with some dangerous situation, you still should know how to handle the burglar or sickness. Therefore, one of the clearest benefits of backpacking is adapting yourself to different environments.

Backpacking tour

Setting up flexible time and activities – special benefits of backpacking


You will decide everything and not depend on anyone like in group tour. When you are tired, you can take a rest and then go on your journey. Once you fall in love with shopping, you can spend hours wandering in the shopping malls. Everything is up to you. You won’t get angry when you have to wait for other tourists. Because you have more time to enjoy the trip, you can do whatever activities you like, try whatever food on your own. You will do everything according to your own plan.

Trang An, Ninh Binh

Saving more money while traveling


Comparing with going on the tours, backpacking is much cheaper. You can search some free-fee attractions and visit them. For the information, you can search some traveling websites or ask your foreigner friends. Besides, for some people who love street food, you can save more money enjoying local food with the suitable price. Instead of going to the luxury restaurants, you definitely enjoy the best local food in street vendors, especially in Hanoi as well as Hoian.


Exploring yourself and having wonderful memories

When you are backpacking, you will go beyond your safe zone. It means that you will find out which aspects you are good at and which not; therefore, you can develop yourself more. After the backpacking trip, you can boost your soft skills or maybe you have to learn more English. For this one, you should write in a small notebook or save it in your google drive.

Instead of trying on the tours, you will remember longer and have more memories when you experience BY YOURSELF. You also have new friends when you are on the tour but I’m sure you will think about the people who help you on backpacking more. How can you forget the one who helps you with language barrier? How can you forget all the help when you lost way or lost luggage? All of them will be “carved into your mind“.

Package tours


Facing some troubles while backpacking

Because you travel by yourself, sometimes you just go alone, you will face some difficulties or dangers while traveling. Especially, when you do not search for accurate information about where to go, what to do for the next destination, you will get into troubles. For example, you will get lost and then all the schedule will be changed. Or you find difficult to understand the local language without the help of tour guides. Therefore, you will be overcharged or cheated by some people.

Having limited information about the tourist attractions

We can not deny that you will get some useful information about the famous destination by yourself but it cannot be adequate. Much more information you can only know from the tour guides, so you have to challenge yourself to find out hidden places


Visting many places in a short time with package tours

For the package tour, you will pay more money than backpacking, as a result, you can visit a lot of interesting places. Some tours are the combination of historical places as well as some famous tourist attractions. Being on a tour, you can visit three or more places in a short time depending on your choice. Maybe it is two-day tour, one-week tour or even one-day tour. Nowadays, with the development of tourism companies, they offer a lot of various tours for the customers like Vietnam’s tours from I love Vietnam Tour https: https://ilovevietnamtour.com/

Our half day tour in Hoian

Knowing much more information about the culture of that country

Instead of traveling alone, you should try package tour once in your life. The tour guides will give you some cultural information related to their countries. Although there are some different places in one country most of them reflect its own culture. When you come to other countries, the local people definitely want to show the special features of their culture to you. Therefore, you should take advantage of this chance to explore information about the culture.

Our wonderful clients and I Love Hoian Team are in the countryside


Losing the flexibility when choosing package tours

Normally, you are on the tour with at least 2 or more people; therefore, you have to follow the strict schedule. Each company has its own itinerary of tours so you have to stick with the pickup time, the destinations and activities. When you feel tired, you want to relax for a while, it will affect other tourists. Therefore, you have no choice to continue the tour with an uncomfortable feeling.

Having not good tours

Some tourism companies have a high fee for the customers but the quality is not good enough. Sometimes, they have relationships with other restaurants so they will set up the tours to get more money. Besides, you don’t choose the destinations and activities of the tour so it is may be not suitable for you. In addition, for each season each tour will be different because of the weather. Therefore, you should choose the tours carefully and ask for accurate information.


Backpacking and package tours have their own advantages and disadvantages; therefore, you should consider them while traveling. For different reasons and different time, each type of traveling will benefit you. Choose the suitable one and enjoy traveling!


Our amazing clients and lady bikers team are enjoying local food in Saigon


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