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Welcome back our travellers. You don’t have to wait any longer. Part 2 of 6 adventurous activities in Vietnam is now released. Let’s go with us to discover these wonderful activities, but if you haven’t read part 1, click here. We are here to bring you to some adventurous activities in the great places of Vietnam. 

Lan Huong

Basket boat racing in Hoi An

explore bamboo basket boat in Vinh Thanh Village, Hoian
foreign tourists learn how to ride round boats
explore bamboo basket boat in Vinh Thanh Village, Hoian

Visiting Hoian, not only do tourists have an opportunity to discover the peaceful ancient beauty with centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, colonial shop houses, old streets, etc, but visitors also experience a new type of eco-tourism: basket boat racing in Hoi an. Bay Mau coconut wood is the waterway place for tourists to discover and experience a basket boat.

Located in Cam Thanh commune – the South East of Hoi an, Bay Mau coconut wood is considered a “southern feature inside the ancient town Hoi an”. It far from Hoi An 5km and Cua Dai beach 2km, taking about 15 minutes to get here by motorbike. Bay Mau leave the deep impression for tourists by its simple beauty landscape of a rural waterway area. With thick and interminable coconut wood, it is an ideal place for tourists to get rid of their burden life.

Step up on a basket boat, firstly, you have a chance to learn how to control it and see how the boatmen shake the basket boat. Then, you can feel the thick and immense green coconut wood, listen to the carol of birds, look at the fish herds swimming under the clear water, etc. It looks like you are lost in the peaceful and serene atmosphere. Besides, if you want to try to row a boat, you can have an opportunity to try adventurous activities and lure yourself into the bustling and triumphant competitions of those boats. You will wear life-jacket and other clothes to protect yourself. It is an enthusiastic, fascinating and cheery moment.

Moreover, local people will teach tourists how to throw the net to catch fishes and crabs on the rivers and channels. It is a difficult activity and requires tourist’s patience and self-controlled. Another activity also attracts tourists is making souvenir and decoration such as hats, animals, etc, from the coconut leaves. This is a memorable thing will come back with you. 


The fisherman is doing casting-net
Tourists are trying to ride the bamboo basket boat in Vinh Thanh Village, Hoian

Cham island diving

explore beaches in Vietnam
Explore Cham island by scuba diving
Diving adventure

Cham island is far away from Hoi An ancient town 15km and located at Tan Hiep commune. It is recognized the World biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Because of the undeveloped service, Cham island still keeps its own neglected beauty and eco-biology system with rich biodiversity, white sand, etc. Coming to Cham to join many activities the islands offers such as try tasty-cheap- fresh seafood, camp-firing, swimming, visit the local fishing village, etc. Besides, you can enjoy the good climate and cool weather, admire the plentiful plants and marine animals. Sometimes, you can see some wild monkeys on the way if we are lucky enough. Especially, you have a unique opportunity to explore the vivid coral reefs and stunningly unspoiled underwater fauna by scuba diving or snorkeling.

Cham island has 8 small islands with the diversity of marvelous coral reefs and crystal water. It is the ideal place for idyllic sunbathing, chill out on a tropical beach and escape the heat. Scuba diving, snorkeling or trekking is the perfect opportunity to exploring the natural coral gardens, various fishes around those islands. Tourists will be distributed with diving equipment to protect yourself. Then, the professional diver will accompany with tourists to instruct and give them advice when necessary.

For the tour, the price per enterprise from 150,000 to 400,000 VND per passenger/ turn into the sea. Guests may also arrange service with the main boat.

Diving in Cham Island

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

adventurous game on beach in Vietnam
Kitesurfers In Mui Ne, Vietnam

Thanks to the warm climate, reliable winds, and idyllic beaches, Mui Ne has become one of the best destinations attracts visitors around the world. Besides, Mui Ne is also the famous places for adventurous activities and water sports such as surfing, boating, and kitesurfing adventure. The kitesurfing in Vietnam is widely considered top 10 adventurous activities of the world. It also has become a popular activity amongst locals and tourists in recent years.

Mui Ne’s wind conditions are widely regarded as one of the best in Southeast Asia. In 2011, Mui Ne hosted the second season of the Kite Tour Asia Competition, where participants from others countries like Japan, Thailand, China, New Zealand, etc took part in a four-day event of freestyling, hang-time and course-racing. Mũi Né is probably the best place which offers good kitesurfing for beginners or experienced kiteboarders.

Players need a kite, kite control cord and bar, linked to the harness, board. You may also need a swimsuit, diving suit, and helmet. Snorkeling, diving will be necessary for cooler waters. Skateboards and kites cost about $ 900 and $ 1,600 depending on their size. The total cost for the initial purchase of the device will be around $ 2000-3500. You can also rent the equipment at the training venue. A training session costs between $ 350-550 for 7-12 hours of training, depending on your level of training and skills. The ideal time to surf the kite is from August to December when skies are clear with strong winds. For experienced kite surfers, a strong and stable wind will be the best environment in the world for them. For those who lack experience but really want to try, dozens of kitesurfing schools will help you at affordable prices.

kitesurfing on beach

If you have finished reading about 6 risky activities in Vietnam, then do not hesitate to try these activities. It will not let you down and also a great experience when traveling in Vietnam.

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