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Best beaches in Vietnam to enjoy this summer holiday

best beaches in Vietnam

Where can you explore the best beaches in Vietnam? Are you curious about them? In this article, we will recommend for you top places voted by tourists who fall in love with the beauty of these beaches. You shouldn’t miss these destinations to escape from the high temperature in the summer of Vietnam.

Minh Thi

Co To beach – the paradise for the summer holiday in Vietnam

Besides the beautiful landscape, Co To beach is also famous for the special seafood. You will be amazing about the fresh and delicious dishes and witness directly the way people cook. Visiting Co To beach, it is an interesting experience for tourists to go a boat in the evening and caught cuttle-fish with the local people. And you can cook your spoils after the trip by yourselves. A variety of dishes and the price of the meals are reasonable for tourists to select.

Co To beach is located in the east of Quang Ninh province, about 80km from Ha Long Bay. It is one of the best beaches in Vietnam, which attracts many tourists to visit. Especially, it seems different from the noisy crowded atmosphere in the city, Co To beach magnetizes tourists by the neglected landscape. While wallowing in the cool water, you see the magnificent beauty of mountains in 100m height or the ancient lighthouse.

best sea foods

An Bang beach – the beautiful local beach

An Bang beach belongs to Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. It is well known as a beautiful beach with clean white sand and row of green coconut. In 2014, CNNGo’ viewers vote An Bang beach to become one of the best beaches on Earth. It takes about 20 minutes by bike from the city center to An Bang beach. Traveling to there, you can experience many new things. Lying on the single bed with the palm umbrella and enjoying a cup of fresh coconut are really relaxing after the hard working days.

adventurous game in An Bang beach

Moreover, parasailing is worth to try if you ‘re at a great height. From the 50m in height, tourists can observe the whole beautiful view of the beach. If you are a big fan of food, you taste the unique cuisine here. Because An Bang beach is also the paradise of food.


Nha Trang beach – charming beach with luxury resorts

Nha Trang is famous for not only the beautiful sites but the charming beach. Especially, Nha Trang beach is the only one located in the center of the city. There are so many amazing activities which attract tourists the world over to participate in. Nha Trang beach festival is held in June at least once every two years. During the festival, you can witness the traditional activities, locals carry out ritual worship to hope a new lucky year.


Besides that, snorkeling to see coral is the familiar form of beach tourism in Nha Trang. You are fond of finding the mysterious coral reef and exploring a variety of colorful fish. What is an interesting experience!


Mui Ne beach – hot attraction near Saigon city

Mui Ne one of the biggest “capital of resort” in Vietnam. Especially, there are so many small beaches belonging to Mui Ne beach, the best one is Rang beach. Rang beach lies on the North of Phan Thiet city, about 15km from the city center. Long rows of coconut, the white sand, and the blue beach make romantic space in the marvelous nature.


sand skateboard in Mui Ne

Furthermore, You can enjoy many kinds of delicious food such as boiled cuttle-fish, grilled pork, fish hotpot, etc. Are you a fan of the adventurous games? If yes, you don’t want to miss sand skateboard. It is really a memorable experience to skate from the peak of the sand dune to a target.


Phu Quoc beach – island paradise

Phu Quoc is located in the southwest of Vietnam. It is called  “ Pearl Island ” which has a beautiful beach with fresh air and smooth white sand. It is about 450km from Ho Chi Minh city, and you have two ways to get there. First, booking a flight from HCM city, it takes one hour to get there. Second, it spends one and a half hour on getting Phu Quoc by boat.

Phu Quoc beach has a diversified ecosystem with many different fish and rows of charming coral. So that here develop some new services such as fishing in the evening with local people or diving with modern equipment to see coral.


Let’s discover 

Coming to Vietnam, you fall in love with not only historic places but stunning nature. Welcome to the best beaches in Vietnam, it seems that you don’t regret to add a  list of top 5 the paradise for the summer holiday and explore them in your trip.

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