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Cat Ba Island in Vietnam Travel Guide – Fresh destination for summer

Cat Ba, Vietnam

Cat Ba island is one of the best island in Vietnam. Things to do in Cat Ba Island will satisfy your dream trip in this summer. You can expect to see the wonderful landscape and take part in interesting activities. Also, the cuisine in this beautiful island is fantastic. Let’s discover.

Where is Cat Ba island?

Situated in the south of Ha Long Bay, Hải Phòng city in Quang Ninh province, Cat Ba is a charmingly entertaining and relaxing island for visitors coming to Vietnam. As an important island of Vietnam, it has been recognized as the world biosphere preserve. The infrastructure is also developing with a range of hotels, motels, resorts, pagodas and especially the free wifi system for the whole island.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba – a pearl island and a gorgeous place

Cat Ba in the North has been an ideal attraction for Vietnamese and foreigners. The reason is this island gets its own characteristics. There is wonderful to see the natural scenery with the spectacular mountain, biosphere forest with animals which are in Red Book( the animals are rare and needed to be preserved), charming beach getting the harmony with the mountain.

Besides, Cat Ba Island has an attractive terrain with zigzag – designed road through mountain and leading to the sea that makes tourist the feeling of excitement because of the continuously changing view.

The captivating scenery in Cat Ba

How to get Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

There are several ways to get this island from Hanoi, visit Three best ways to get Cat Ba island from Hanoi to get more information.

Things to do in this Island

Commonly, travelers coming to this island visit Cat Ba town and Cat Co Beach. However, there are some interesting places that few foreigners know. These are the Cat Ba National forest, Ngu Lam mountain top, Tien Ong cave with vivid color of coral, and Viet Hai fishing village. Also, Cat Ba is an adventurous place for tourist. Why do I say so? You can go hiking, go swimming or diving, go kayaking, walk or ride bicycle in the mountain road. It sounds stimulating, isn’t it?

riding bicycle in the mountain road
go kayaking in Cat Ba

What is interesting in Cat Ba cuisine

As a well-known island for its natural beauty and pleasant weather, Cat Ba is always the prior options for those loving authentic view of nature. The cuisine here is also well-recognized too. Taking advantage of available products on the island, the people here make fresh and yummy food. It makes people attracted to the first taste.

Some highly recommended dishes:

Bun Tom( fresh rice vermicelli with shrimp)

Sam bien( horseshoe crab)

Ca song (Garrupa)

Tom hum (Lobster)

Tu hai( Clam)

These are all seafood made from the people here with all the love and enthusiast. These also contain nutrition and especially the feeling of freshness in the bottom of your heart. It is the reason why tourists coming here just comment the only sentence “How delighted

     Welcome to Cat Ba – Vietnam   

If not now, when? Going traveling will be fascinating experiences which make you fulfill your life and passion for journeys. We – Vietnam people always welcome you and ready to help you get an unforgettable trip. Let’s take a backpack and come here, a new world is waiting for you.


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