Our speed of the website is getting slow. Don't leave us! We are fixing it! Contact us via Whatsapp 0394 323 030 for urgent bookings or travel supports
Our speed of the website is getting slow. Don't leave us! We are fixing it! Contact us via Whatsapp 0394 323 030 for urgent bookings or travel supports
Lady bikers and customers in I Love Vietnam Tour


I LOVE VIETNAM TOUR is a female motorbike tour company in Vietnam. We provide tours in 5 cities: Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoian and Saigon. Maybe you have heard a lot about Vietnam motorbike tours, but we are different!

The tours we design are in a very unique and local way. It means that the destinations in each tour are all amazing, but more important, they reflex the REAL life of Vietnam and it’s hard for the tourists to discover those places by themselves.

When you join our tours, you will be taken by the female bikers on motorbikes. The lady bikers are your tour guide and they are willing to show you everything about Vietnam. Because they are local, they can open the Vietnam culture door for you. More than that, most of our female riders are students. They join the tour with the highest enthusiasm and treat you in the warmest way like friends. If you wonder why we are all women, check this out.

Although we are female bikers, we still guarantee the safety of our customers. We all have the driving license so you don’t have to worry about the safety. Our guests are really satisfied with the tours, you can see their reviews on Tripadvisor or Facebook.

Safe and happy travel

Why choose us? Note
Last minute bookings We are super well organizing the urgent bookings with awesome crew work 24/7 to support the customers. Contact via Whatsapp: +841694323030 or Facebook messenger to book urgent tour.
The freedom of travel Motorbike tours is the best way to discover everywhere without limiting your travel time. Our Car Service is always available for you if it needs.
Safe and Happy Travel Our happy and friendly female crew will make your trip memorable and safety. You also feel very safe with our female team.
Unique destinations and tasty local food Coming with us will be a great chance for you to see the places you can’t see without us and eat the food you will make your stomach happy.




Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. The beauty mixed between the modernity and the ancientness. Motorbike tour is the best to discover the hidden lanes.

Female bikers and tourists in Hanoi historical tour


A wonderful combination tour for tourists when coming to Hanoi. You can look round the beauty spots in Hanoi as well as try the local food. Why not experience Hanoi with the local bikers by motorbike? We are sure to bring you the best. Click Hanoi Sightseeing Tour With Local Food for more information.

Our tourist is taking photos at Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi


This is one of the best tours in our company which bring you the most beautiful landscapes in Hanoi. Especially, for those who love taking photos, you’ll definitely find your best shootings in this Hanoi Photo Tour. Visit TripAdvisor to see what other people say about our tour.


Hue – the city of culture and history. The strongest branch of Vietnam motorbike tour is Hue one. Tours in Hue will amaze you with its uniqueness and budget prices. Hue tours are really various. See what we highly recommend you.

Female bikers and the customers in Hue street food tour


This is our best-seller product of our company. Hue is a paradise of street food so we make use of it and design an amazing food tour for tourists. There are totally 5 different food stops in this tours and they are all hard to find by yourself because the best restaurants are always hidden. We have got a lot of reviews for this tour. Click on Hue Street Food Tour to see more.

A customer joins Hue countryside tour of I love Vietnam tour


If you curious about the Countryside of Vietnam, especially Hue, Hue countryside tour will bring you the clearest picture. Visit the local market, look round the paddy field and visit some other sites: Standing Buddha Temple, Khai Dinh Tomb, Vong Canh Hill, Tu Hieu Pagoda. More interesting, you will discover all these things by motorbike – the best way to save all the best views to your memory. 


Danang is the cultural and educational center of Vietnam. Travel to Danang to enjoy the best tourism service and explore natural landscapes. Hue – Danang – Hoian is the best combination for your trip in Vietnam. You can visit 5 best ways to travel from Hue to Hoian for more information. 

A guest in Marble Mountain Tour with I love Vietnam tour


Marble Mountain is one of the best attractions in Danang. It consists of 5 mountains with many mysterious caves. With this tour, our lady bikers will take you to this destination. Besides, we also provide coffee and lunch for the customers. Let’s check Marble Mountain Tour out.


Female bikers in Danang


Explore the whole Danang from sightseeing to enjoying local food in just one tour. Visit these 3 attractions: Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula and the three wonderful bridges in Danang. After that,  our female bikers – also your tourguide will take you to 3 restaurants to try these dishes: Bun Cha, Seafood and Kem Xoi. Visit Danang sightseeing with local food tour for more information.


Hoian – a spot light of Vietnam tourism. From the countryside to the Ancient Town, Hoian always attracts tourists’ attraction. We design our tours in the way you enjoy the best in Hoian.

Cam Thanh water coconut village in Hoian


This is our BEST-SELLER in Hoian branch. Our female bikers will take you to 4 Hoian villages: Thanh Ha Pottery village, Cam Thanh Coconut Village, Tra Que village, Kim Bong Carpentry Village to explore the local activities such as make pottery products, try bamboo boat, make crushed rice cracker. All amazing things in just one tour, you won’t regret about it. See tour details in Hoian Countryside Tour.

Hoian vegetarian food tour


If you are fasinated in Vietnam food, especially vegetarian food, you completely should try this tour. We’ll take you to the best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An. The food won’t let you down. See more at Hoian Vegetarian Food Tour


Saion – Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Vietnam. Saigon is considered as a melting pot of Vietnam because people all around Vietnam come and live in. Therefore, you can have discover many interesting things in one city. Let Vietnam motorbike tour company be your companion.

customers in Saigon motorbike tours


Although being a modern city, Ho Chi Minh City has a long-standing history. Join this Saigon Historical Tour to explore how people in Saigon go through such a hard time. Especially, our local will accompany you through the motorbike tsunami in Ho Chi Minh city. We’ll take you to:  the War Remmants Museum, the Independence Palace, the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Sai Gon, The French Post Office, Ben Thanh market,  the Artinus 3D Art Museum.

Our amazing team and clients are in Saigon at night


As its name, this is a unique tour in Ho Chi Minh City. You will never try such a tour in any other company. The destinations in this tour includes: Thich Quang Duc statue, Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, China Town, river boat trip, Thu Thiem Tunnel. With Saigon Unique Tour, you will explore Ho Chi Minh city in a different way with the guide of local people.

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