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This is my feeling about a special Hue City tour with 13 friendly guests. Hue city tour is always one of the best tours showing Hue clearly to tourists through many famous places. This Hue City Tour is the combination of many special things. So why is it so unique, ;et’s find out together!

Duyen Tran


The first unique thing in this special Hue tour was that we were a group of 26 ladies including the guests and the lady bikers. It was really amazing and unforgettable memory. We were not just tourists and tourist guides, we were truly friends. Besides, we talked and shared a lot with each other. So, what did we do in this special Hue tour – Hue city tour? I am telling you now.


In the beginning of the tour, we came to pick our beloved customer up then we went to a coffee shop to enjoy the salty coffee together. Salty coffee is quite strange, right? It is similar to ordinary coffee but they put a little salt in. It is quite hard to imagine but its taste is absolutely amazing.

While enjoying the coffee, we talked and shared about many things. Time for sharing is always not enough. Thanks to our guests, we also learned a lot of life experiences. I was happy to listen to their stories and also share them mines.

salty coffee in Hue

Let’s enjoy salty coffee – special Hue coffee with I love Hue Tour ladybikers



After chatting and enjoying coffee, we went to a lovely countryside called Thuy Chanh village.

This is one of the oldest villages in Hue. It is famous for Thanh Toan bridge which is built based on the donation of a woman. Now it is used for tourism and commemorating her.

In this village, we visited a local market to see the life of Vietnamese people. We explored the way local people selling food, vegetables and many things else. Our lovely guests were quite interested in Vietnamese fruits and some special products. There, they bought some rice for giving to the people affected by the severe flood in this village.


After that, we visited the Thuy Chanh museum which displays a lot of old tools and machines that Vietnamese people used for making rice and fishing. We were watching an old lady presenting the way she screens rice, grinds rice into flour and catches fish, etc. The customers looked very excited and impressed by the traditional farming method of Vietnamese people. I am happy to see their laughing.


The next destination in Hue city tour was the Tomb of Khai Dinh – The 12th Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty. With the amazing architecture, this is one of the most beautiful tombs in Hue. In spite of being the smallest, Khai Dinh Tomb is the most recent and costly among other Nguyen royal tombs.

There Miss. Lien – our CEO interpreted its history and architecture for our customers. They also had time to go around and take photos. It was at noon at that time so the weather was quite hot, however, we still had funny conversations and laughed a lot.

We had lunch in a restaurant serving vegetarian food. It was a small but lovely restaurant where we can find the peace. Without meat and fish, the food was still very good. They included tofu, mushroom, vegetable, etc.

After visiting many places, we were quite hungry so we really enjoyed the food. Although our customers are Western people, they could use chopsticks very well. That really surprised me. While having lunch, we were chatting a lot. Our guests were really humorous. I couldn’t stop laughing because of their jokes.


The two last destinations were Vong Canh Hill and Tu Hieu Pagoda. Vong Canh Hill is known for having the beautiful view and pine forest. From the top of Vong Canh Hill, we could see the source of the Perfume river – the most famous river in Hue.

It is very suitable for people who love the nature and peace. We went up to the top, stopped there to contemplate the sight and took a short break. I loved watching the river slowly following, the pine forest silently standing in the sunlight and the wind. I am happy that we could bring the beauty of nature to our guests.

The second one is Tu Hieu Pagoda – a historic pagoda in Hue. Buddhism is the most common religion in Viet Nam, so there are a lot of pagodas.

However, Tu Hieu Pagoda is one of the oldest and its history is very interesting. We had time to explore this place and talk about it. This is a very quiet and peaceful place, so it keeps us far away from the busy of life.


If you read the whole things above, you may know why I consider this tour special. We were so lucky for having such a wonderful time together.

However, the most meaningful thing that made me love this tour is helping people. We love to give back to community from tourism and in this tour, we did that. Our kind guests spent their time, bought rice and gave it to people affected by the devastating flood.

In Thuy Chanh village – the second place in the Hue city tour, we visited and inquired after some people who lost their relative and were affected by the food recently happening.

Our customers gave them rice and a few money to help them overcome their difficulties. Although they couldn’t understand each other’s language, I felt like they really understood what the other said by through the eyes.

Our tourists are giving the poor rice

We really appreciate what our tourists have done for the community. Because their hearts are so warm to give love to strange people they first met. Once again, I want to say “THANK YOU”. Thanks to this Hue city tour, I have achieved a lot of meaningful things. It reminds me to be a kind person who contributes to the community. And what I receive will be the happiness which keeps me going so far.

Life is more meaningful when we know how to care each other, how to share our love to people. Therefore, let’s come and join the Hue city tour and also the Hue Charity tour with us! We are sure that you will have the best time with I love Hue Tour.

Together, we will build a better community! 


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