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Hue Festival in 2019


What is the Hue Festival?

If you are wondering what destination you will visit in 2019, this blog is for you. You will know what to see in Hue festival, which is a big cultural event of Hue City. It is also an occasion to honor the cultural and historical values of Vietnam’s former capital city. So, follow our footsteps to know exactly what Hue festival 2019 has to offer.

Hue festival highlights the city’s impressive record of five UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LISTINGS: The Complex of Hue Monuments, Hue Royal court Music, Nguyen Dynasty Woodblocks, Nguyen Dynasty Imperial Archives and Poetry on Hue Royal Architectural Works. The Hue Festival will run from April 27 until May 2 2019. It is expected to contribute to introducing and advertising the beauty of Hue and to promote the trademark and position of the city’s festival.

At the beginning of the Hue festival, visitors can enjoy a colourful and grand opening ceremony with unique performances. It is a combination of small festivals and has become a space of cultural exchange between people from all over the world. Otherwise, visitors can come and explore some of the traditional values of Vietnam.


The Opening ceremony is always a spectacular show, presenting the theme of the festival through music and dance. Many domestic and international tourists join this ceremony with different themes and special activities. It aims to welcome all visitors coming to Hue. Equally cinematic, the Closing ceremony will be held at the same spot on May 2 at 8 pm.


Hue Festival Opening Ceremony


The “Ao Dai” is a traditional style of Vietnamese clothing. It is a mixture between the old-fashioned style of the 19th century and today’s modern style. Taking inspiration from Hue folk art and Vietnamese silk, top local fashion designers will re-imagine the Ao Dai- Vietnam’s iconic national dress in a stylish show. The Hue Royal Inspiration program will provide a creative collision of poetry reading, music and dance with sound and light effects.

Date: May 1st


Vietnamese culinary artisans will prepare a series of royal feasts. Join one of these elaborate meals and feel yourself being transported into the past. Additionally, many traditional games such as playing cards, poetry quizzes or royal court music will help people experience life in the palace as it was a long time ago. Especially as you can enjoy awesome Vietnamese food and melodious music.

Address: Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theater, Imperial Citadel

Time: Every evening at 7:30 pm.

Hue Festival - Royal Banquet


Hue Festival is an opportunity for artisans to show their talents, the quintessence of Vietnamese traditional crafts as well as create unique products to introduce to domestic and international tourists. It will take place from April 26th to May 2nd. Moreover, tourists will have the chance to enjoy the ritual crafts and take part in making paper paintings, conical hat, which is a popular and ancient hat and is also used for traditional activities nowadays.

Hue traditional craft village


This activity is a cuisine convergence between many countries. Each country will choose to perform, prepare the dishes and help visitors to learn about their special culinary culture. Hue is striving to become the capital of gastronomy in Vietnam. Visitors will be able to watch culinary art performances. For example, when you come to the Japanese stalls, you will enjoy Sushi, Sashimi, Sizzling, which are indispensable dishes of Japanese cuisine. Or you will have an opportunity to eat traditional Vietnamese food such as spring rolls, Banh Mi and interesting desserts.

Address: Thuong Bac Park

Date: from April 25th to May 2nd

Hue International Cuisine Festival


In our tour, there are a lot of amazing programs taking place at the Hue festival 2019. Therefore, you can experience the Vietnamese culture.  People permitted to get ticket exemption or discount include tour guides who lead a delegation of over 15 tourists and are exempt from the ticket to artistic program (except the banquet ticket) and children under 1.2 m tall are also free of charge (except banquet ticket). Especially, since we have a motorbike tour lead by our local lady bikers, which is safe, friendly and pleasurable, as these are the priorities our company focuses on.

In conclusion, Hue festival is one of the most meaningful occasions in Vietnam. We warmly welcome you to Hue and enjoy this festival with us. This will be a memorable trip for those who want to discover Vietnam culture and cuisine.




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