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Hue Festival 2018 – the biggest festival in Hue you shouldn’t miss in April and May

Hue Festival 2018

If you are thinking about traveling to Vietnam in late April, we highly recommend you to visit Hue. At this time, the biggest festival are coming, Hue Festival 2018. There are so many interesting programs to explore. You will have a chance to experience Vietnam culture in a very special way. 


What Hue festival is

Hue Festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Vietnam, it is organized every two years. The name of the first event was Vietnamese – French festival celebrated in 1992. The festival gained its official name “Hue Festival” in 2000. It lasts during a week from the late of April to the early of May. This festival has many the community-based events reconstituting the large space of inside and outside the city. That aim help to recall the traditional values of Hue cultures

Hue festival at Hue citadel

What to expect in Hue festival 2018

Hue Festival 2018 entitled the theme “ Cultural heritage with integration and development, Hue– one destination five heritage properties ” will take place from 27th April to 02nd May. There are 20 artistic delegations joining in this year ‘s festival, including Korea, Israel, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, China, France, etc. The festival 2018 will be strikingly different from the previous ones, longer in time, larger in scale and better in quality. After the opening day, the festival will take place every afternoon until the closing day, not on the alternate day as before.

Show in Hue festival
Hue festival show

Festival Hue 2018 celebrates many historical and cultural events of both Hue and Vietnam. It is time to remind people 230th anniversary of the Nguyen Hue Emperor’s Coronation at the Ban Mount (1575-1788); 25th anniversary (1993-2018) of UNESCO recognition of Hue monument complex as a World Cultural Heritage Site; 15th anniversary of UNESCO recognition bestowed on Hue’s Court Music as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (2003-2018).

Joining Hue festival, both visitors and locals can explore and experience the unique values of five UNESCO- recognized world heritages, including the complex of monuments (1993), Royal Court Music (2003), Woodblock of Nguyen Dynasty (2009), Imperial record of Nguyen Dynasty (2014) and Royal Literature in Hue Royal architecture (2016) which still haven’t been introduced widely yet. The national competition of spiritual sing ( Hat Chau Van) is also one of the programs organized in the festival.

Imperial record of Nguyen Dynasty

What can you see

At the beginning of Hue Festival, it is the special time to tourist see the colorful and grand wonderful opening ceremony. Besides that, tourists can enjoy many art performances of the famous artists from Hue and other places. The festival has become a space of cultural exchange between locals and people from all over the world. During this time, there are various cultural activities such as Hue Poetry Festival, Massive Street Art Performances, etc. Especially, many traditional sceneries of Nguyen Dynasty are reproduced to provide people a clear view of Vietnam’s feudal era. Some typical occasions are organized particularly such as Nam Giao Offering Ritual, Xa Tac Offering Ritual, The Royal Refined Music of Hue which was recognized as a Masterpiece of The Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003.


There are a lot of amazing programs taken place in Hue Festival 2018. Taking part in these programs is the best way to experience Vietnam culture. Below are some highlight programs.

Hue Festival 2018

Visit Hue Festival 2018 to see all the programs including fringe Activities, Exhibitions, Displays, Installation Art, Sports and Art Programs.

Ticket Price

Not all of the programs include fee. You have to buy the ticket for these programs below.

The opening program Hue Festival 2018 200,000 VND (8,7 USD)
The artistic program at Hue Citadel ( 29th April, 01st May) 100,000VND (4,36 USD)
The “Van Hien Kinh ky” show (28th,30th April) 200,000 VND (8,7 USD)
The royal banquet 1,900,000VND (82,74 USD)
The artistic program at An Dinh palace 50,000 VND (2,18 USD)
The closing program Hue Festival 2018 150,000 VND (6,53 USD)

People permitted to get ticket exemption or discount include tour guide who leads a delegation of over 15 tourists exempt from the ticket to artistic program (except the banquet ticket) and children under 1.2 m tall also free of charge ( except banquet ticket)

Booking office: 24 Chu Van An, Hue city.

What you can do outside of the festival

Thank to this festival, Hue provides more interesting tours, such as community and ecotourism tour to attract tourists. You have chances to experience other tours which explore the traditional villages with making a conical hat, making incense, making the fishnet, so on. Especially, it is a new thing for you to discover Hue culture by motorbike of ILOVEHUETOUR. You don’t skip to get more information about Hue when talking to lady bikers during the tour. SAFE, FRIENDLY AND PLEASURE are top priorities which our company focus on.


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