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Son Tra Peninsula

Summer days in Vietnam are great time for lying on white sandy beaches and being tanned in the sun. One of the famous destinations for beach lovers in recent years is LY SON ISLAND known as Maldives of Vietnam for its stunning crystal clear blue sea.


Ly Son Island is located in the north- east of Quang Ngai Province in South Central of Vietnam, about 15 nautical miles (30km) from Sa Ky Port. The island’s topography had been built by the eruption of five extinct volcanoes about 25 – 30 million years ago. Its total area is about 10 kilometres square divided into two islands and three communes including An Hai, An Vinh (Great Island) and An Binh (Little Island).


There are many types of transportation to get to Quang Ngai Province such as: shuttle bus, train and airplane. If you travel by airplane, then it will takes around 1.5 hour (50km) from Chu Lai Airport to Sa Ky Port. In case that you are in the city centre it will takes 20 kilometres to Sa Ky Port.

crystal clear blue beach in Ly Son Island

Sa Ky Port has high- speed boat to Ly Son Island (Great Island) within approximately 1 hour. The high- speed boats depart Sa Ky Port at 7.30, 9:30, 13:30 and 15:30 (the schedule changes weekly and reflects demand: in the busy season, there are frequent departures as well as extra boats, in low season, boats depart when there are enough people) and you should buy tickets at least an hour before the departure time. You have to join the queue, only purchase a maximum of two tickets and show your ID or passport and your partner’s one. The ticket from Sa Ky to Ly Son costs VND 130,000 (USD 6.5)/ person for one way


Famous for growing garlic and onions the island also has a thriving fishing community and stunning beaches. Ly Son Island may be small but there is much to see and do. The best way to get around the island is to rent motorbikes from your accommodation (VND 100,000 -150,000 (USD 5)/ motorbike/ day).
Here’s some suggestion for accommodation:
Phuoc Loc (0169 887 4224); Hoa Bien 0983 867 522); Vien Dong (0977 405 507); Dai Duong (0977 205 818)


Riding around the island you will see the vast green fields of garlic, shallots and onions and smell a pungent aroma. Ly Son garlic is famous in the country for its small bulb and good quality. You can buy bunches of garlic serves as meaningful gifts and souvenirs. It cost VND 1,300,000 (USD 56)/ kilogram of one- clove garlic.

the view of green garlic fields in Ly Son Island


The restaurants on Ly Son Island serve fresh seafood and various kinds of dishes of salad such as seaweed salad, garlic salad and raw fish salad. Especially, you can’t miss the Huynh De sea crab served as one of the most amazing local specialties. With a special shape which resembles a small turtle, this type of crab is a must-try food during your stay in the island. Besides, an amazing kind of seafood worth trying is sea urchin. Locals cook it in many dishes but the most delicious one is sea urchin soup.


With wild beauty and crystal blue beaches, Little Island known as An Binh is attracting many visitors a day. From Great Island, there are tourist boats depart for An Binh every morning and it takes 15 minutes (VND 40,000/ pax/ one way). You can swim, dive beneath the sea and definitely enjoy the view of lush green seaweed and colorful coral reefs.

the wild and peaceful beauty of To Vo Gate

To Vo gate is one of the most impressive places to visit when you come to Ly Son. From the welcoming gate of Ly Son Island, turning left and going along, you will see To Vo Gate. It is an attraction for who has passion for photography as the its scenery at sunrise and sunset.


Best time to travel to Ly Son Island is from June to September as the weather is dry and sunny during those months.

There are a few things you need to prepare for your trip to Ly Son Island:
– ID or passport
– if you are easily or potentially sea sick, purchase necessary pills
– sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
– swimming suit

All of these great experiences on Ly Son Island are especially suitable to those who are adventure, peaceful atmosphere and beach lovers.

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