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hotels in Vietnam

Regular travelers may be looking for a cheap, nice and clean hotel to stay in during their trip. But, Looking for a holiday experience like no other? So, make your vacation special by staying in some of the most unique hotels in Vietnam. Let book yourself into one of these 10 beautiful and wonderful hotels right now!!!

Coto Eco Lodge (Duck Lodge)


Considered one of the most beautiful island paradises in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, Co To island is a dream destination for tourists. Because of the undeveloped service, Co To island still keeps its own neglected beauty and eo-biology systems with rich biodiversity, white sand, etc. To have a more interesting trip,  don’t miss to stay in the Eco Lodge to have unique experience and recharge your battery.

Located far away from residential area and far 6km from the center, Coto Eco Lodge situated in Hong Hai small village, Dong Tien commune, Co To district. It has 18 wood houses with friendly and green material for the environment and unique style. Due to its creative design and structure, many people call a “duck lodge” for fun and easy to remember. In addition, these lodges have a variety of comfortable and top-class facilities such as shower, non- smoking rooms, satellite/cable TV, internet access, etc. Tourists can enjoy the view of beaches with a luxurious table outside the lodge.

When staying here, visitors have an opportunity to experience many interesting things. Coto Eco Lodge offers many activities such as try tasty-cheap-fresh seafood, camp-firing, swimming, scuba diving, visit the local fishing village, etc. Besides, you can enjoy the good weather and admire the plentiful marine plants and animals.

Coto Eco Lodge

∗Price (including breakfast and pick up from harbor to Coto Eco Lodge)

  • Single bedroom: 1400000 VND dong
  • Twin bedroom: 1600000 VND dong

Contact: 0978 78 1423 – 0913 455 466 ( Mr Thanh )

Hang Nga Crazy house in Da Lat

Unlike regular tree houses, which often sit upon the branches of tree, Hang Nga Crazy House sculpted in the shape of a tree. Although some of it is made from concrete and other materials, Crazy actually is a tree. Mr.s Dang Viet Nga – the designer and owner as well, Crazy House has been an imaginative work in progress since 1990. It is a piece of artwork that really surpasses the limit of people’s imagination.

The exterior and the interior of the guesthouse are created and decorated with twisting organic forms. Crazy houses have a specular construction with ten nature-themed rooms with its own meaning such as the tiger room, the eagle room, the ant room, the kangaroo room or even gourd room. Besides, the sculpted rooms are connected by super-slim bridge with wild mushrooms or spider webs. Walking along the cave-shape hallways of the guesthouse, tourists not only simply visit and take photos, but also have an exhilarating experience. Today, Hang Nga crazy house is regarded as a “museum” of the dream of childhood and abnormality. With pure and natural beauty, visiting this guesthouse help tourists to lost in fairy-tales of their childhood dream.

Hang Nga Crazy House in Da Lat

∗Address: Hang Nga Villa, 3 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ward 4, Dalat City, Vietnam.


  • Visit: 20000 VND/ person
  • Single room: $34-$47/ night
  • Double room: $47-$84/night

∗Contact: +84 63 3 822 070

Atlas Hoi An Hotel

Located in Hoi An ancient town, Atlas Hoi An hotel offers a tranquil accommodation for tourists. Vo Trong Nghia- the designer of this hotel, the special thing is that the walls feature plenty of hanging plants. The architect has become particularly well known him for pioneering use of sustainable materials including bamboo and thatch. By installing more than 100 cantilevering concrete planters, the greenery appears at all the façades balconies, along with the narrow corridors and rooftop as well. Greeney overflows from concrete planters set into the sandstone walls making it is distinct from other hotels. The hotel has 5 floors, 48 rooms, designed to use maximize the use solar and wind power. Because of this uniqueness, Alas Hoi An won the Green Architecture Award 2017.

Atlas Hoi An offer a variety of modern facilities. Each room has an open-concept bathroom with a walk-in rainfall shower, bathrobes, slippers, and hairdryers. In addition to a full-service spa, Atlas Hoi An Hotel features an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Also, the hotel offers free use of bicycles. Hoi An cuisine’s specialties are available for dinner.


Most unique hotels in Vietnam

∗Address: 30 Dao Duy Tu, Hoi An, Viet Nam

∗Prices and other information via https://atlashoian.com

Tube-shaped hotel in Da Lat (Circle hotel)


The tube-shaped hotel is built with a unique style using round tubular construction and decorated with different colors. So, the shape of hotel likes the sewer. The circular rooms are in open area, haven’t the concrete wall around. In addition, the designer printed each room with very young and alive color. Although the room is small, it varies comfortable and full of basic facilities. Besides its unique architecture, this hotel has a reasonable price and close to nature.

The hotel located on a land of 300 square meters with 10 rooms. Especially, it is situated between a pine forest, guests can have a view the hill and valley from the hotel. Around the hotel, there is a variety of charming flowers.  The Circle Hotel is suitable for adventurous travelers. Here, visitors can enjoy the camping all night, barbecue and warm entertainment activities. Around the camping fire, tourists can talk and share experiences of a trip of or the good things in life.


∗Address: Dang Thai Han street, Da Lat, Viet Nam


  • one person per room: 200,000VND dong
  • two people per room: 400,000 VND dong

1001 Nights hotel in Ho Chi Minh city


“1001 nights” – a fairy tale is one of the greatest treasures in the world. This tale tells about the King of Persia, from a tyrant, he changed to become a hero.  Then, the Queen has narrated his human stories during 1001 days. Therefore, derived from this wonderful idea, the 1001 Nights Hotel was designed with romantic room style.

Designed in red, black and white, the hotel looks very luxurious. Each room has its distinct style to satified guest. All room is 5 stars standard with top-class and comfortable facilities. Especially in room 304, a romantic and wild room with a bed set in a giant iron birdcage. Perhaps you will not be able to imagine yourself sleeping in cages like this with sky and stars above. This room is suitable for anniversary or Valentine day for the lovers.


Luxurious hotel in HCMC

∗Address: 30, Street 7,  Trung Sơn residential area, near district 1 and 7

∗Contact: (028) 36209191


Traveling is already an exciting experience, but being able to experience a unique hotel every now and then makes your trip even more incredible. Staying in hotels doesn’t need to be boring, there are literally hundreds of amazing experiences. If you want to veer away from the norm, why not spend your holiday at one of these unique hotels in Vietnam.


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