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Nam O Beach in Danang


Nam O Beach becomes one of popular Danang attractions for foreign tourist as well as local people not long ago. Let’s explore interesting things you can have when visiting this beautiful Danang beach in summer with ilovevietnamtour.com.

Where is Nam O Beach?

Nam O beach is about 17km northwest of the city center in Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang City. It is one of wonderful Danang attractions for peaceable people, even adventurous ones. Nam O beach is about 20,000 square meters wide. Recently, it has become a favorite Danang attraction of many tourists and local people.

How to get Nam O Beach?

Begining at the city center, you can travel by car or motorbike. From Danang city center bus station, let’s follow Ton Duc Thang Street, then Nguyen Luong Bang Street. After going through Xuan Thieu beach, you should turn on an alleyway to the fishing village. A long sandy beach comes into view. It is Nam O beach – a pretty Danang beach in summer you should visit once.



Early morning is the best time to swim. However, because the beach is too rocky and has green moss somewhere, you need to be careful when swimming there.

Taking photos

Taking photos is absolutely an essential part of each journey. Pretty views at Nam O beach will bring you nice photos that help you hold happy moments with your family and lover. Prepare a camera or smartphone to capture a memorable time on your trip to this beach.

Diving to see corals

Not only has it attractive landscapes, Nam O beach have the amazing diving tour for adventurous ones. Tourists will have chances to explore an undersea world with colorful corals.

Going fishing

Coming to Nam O beach, you can easily see fishermen catching of marine resources. Having plentiful resources of seafood, it is one of the ideal Danang attractions for you to get the pleasure of going fishing.

Visiting traditional fish sauce village

You can visit Nam O fish sauce Village which is a popular fish sauce brand in the central provinces of Vietnam. Taking part in Danang tour to Nam O, tourists have chances to explore the steps in making delicious fish sauce from bay anchovy. Moreover, you can also taste its flavor and buy Nam O fish sauce as presents for relatives.



Dong Phuong Hotel

Address: 356 Nguyen Luong Bang, Lien Chieu, Danang City.

Price:150.000 VND – 350.000 VND

  • It’s 1km far away from Xuan Thieu beach and 12km from Danang city center where Han River bridge is.
  • Free wifi, the room is well equipped with all the furniture including TV, air conditioner, and so on, free carpark, minibar.
  • 24-hour helpline at the reception.

The Nature Villas & Resort

Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu, Danang City.

Price: 1 million VND – 3million VND

  • Free wifi, car park, swimming pools.
  • Relaxing with traditional massage service in spas, diversified food services.
  • You can also hire a bike to travel around and enjoy the peaceful world.

Love Guesthouse         

Address: Lot 52/A10 Phan Van Thuat, Lien Chieu, Danang City.

Price: 150.000VND – 300.000VND

  • Love Guesthouse is just about 4km from Nam O beach. Its location is within 8km of Indochina Riverside Mall and Cham Museum.
  • Enjoying beautiful landscapes from the rooms facing the beach.
  • Enthusiastic staffs, 24-hour helpline in the reception.


Seafood is the special food at Nam O beach. It has diverse types of seafood from fish, shrimp to snail. However, the most popular food is Nam O fish salad which made from raw fish.

Through recreational activities, you can explore the simple life of local people by yourself. If you have more time, you can also visit other Danang attractions near Nam O beach such as Hai Van Hill, Van Village, Elephant Stream.

We hope that this blog post brings useful things for your trip. Visit our website ILOVEVIETNAMTOUR to get more information.

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