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Power of tourism makes the community better – Story of homeless project in Hanoi

I Love Vietnam Tour charity

The weather in Vietnam now is getting warmer. Looking at the blue sky, my heart is getting out of a burden. The burden about the strangers but stay in my heart very long. Those are the homeless people. Last month, also the coldest time in Vietnam, we – I love Vietnam tour company carried a homeless project in Hanoi. Food, medicine and clothes were given to the homeless. I cannot forget the cold, the wind and the faces of those people that night. And I also understand how people can help people and tourism can make an impact on the community.

The homeless people in Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing country. The economy is more and more growing. However, the living standard of people is not equal. Some people have to struggle to the difficult life. If you have been to Vietnam before, you’ve might seen some old people or children are wandering in the streets and beg people to buy their products. We feel sorry if they bother you and make you feel unpleasant. We are trying step by step to change that and help their people with little things we can do. The people we helped in the project were the homeless who do not have any places to live. They go to work all day with any jobs they can earn money, and at night, they sleep in the pavement no matter how cold the weather is.

Why do we help them? We are a tourism company, we want to make people all around the world visit and love Vietnam. Making a beautiful Vietnam in tourists’ eyes is our mission. But first, to fulfill our dream, we have to make Vietnam stronger, greater and Vietnamese people have a better life.


The homeless mom and her kids
The old man is selling lottery on the road

What did we do in the project?

I love Vietnam tour is a tourism company with 4 branches including Hanoi, Hue, Hoian, and Saigon. This project was carried out in Hanoi capital first. In the afternoon, Hanoi team – our pretty lady bikers and the core team cooked food, bought some scarfs and medicine. Although those things are not so valuable, they contain our hope that they can overcome these cold days.

I Love Hanoi Team are preparing the food

We began to walk in the street at 10 pm and find the homeless in the pavements. They are stooping in the chilly wind. When we gave them what we prepared, some of them ate the food immediately. I could feel that they are so tired with the tough life. We spent some time talking with them and consoling them if we can. Although we were freezing at that time, we even couldn’t say that we were cold because we knew that when we’re back home, we didn’t have to suffer the cold anymore. However, those people were still there and the cold was with them all night. Life is not easy for everyone. If people can help people, we can make a better world.

Vision of I love Vietnam tour – Vietnam Tourism

I love Vietnam tour charity

That night, we were not the only group doing charity project. There was one more group trying to help the homeless people. That moment we saw them, we knew that people are more caring and thinking about other people. We are trying step by step to develop Vietnam, improve the living standard of people.

What can we do?

Being a young company, I love Vietnam tour company is trying our best to contribute to the development of Vietnam Tourism and make Vietnam stronger. We have our own vision, that not only focus on the tourism, but we also care about the community, about the women

Through the power of tourism, we are making a long-term change. We have the tours linking to some villages where poor people live. There, the local people, especially old ladies show the tourists some farming methods they used to do in the past. By that way, the tourists can discover the traditional culture of Vietnam and the local people also get the job. We also have the tour “green and clean” in some cities. We join this tour to help the clean the streets. Besides, we celebrate the charity projects in Vietnam to help the old, the homeless and the disabled children. We want to raise awareness of these important issues by sharing and spreading the word.
We also want to say thank to the tourists we join us to help the local people in the tour with 13 lovely guests

Thank you for reading the words from the bottom of my heart.  If you care about the community project and you want to help people all around the world, don’t hesitate to contact us.

“If you want to grow, find a good opportunity
Today, if you want to be a great company, think about what social problem you could solve” – said Jack Ma. 

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