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Travel to Vietnam

If you are looking for a fresh and new destination, Vietnam is an amazing choice for you! Not being busy like other developed countries and also not too quiet, Vietnam is a perfect mixture of young, energetic and peaceful atmosphere. When you travel to this south-east Asian country, you will discover how fast it is developing while still keeping its important historical culture. Let’s go through some main reasons why you should travel to Vietnam, enjoy Vietnam street food and explore Vietnam attractions.

Duyen Tran

A variety of Vietnam Attractions – Beautiful mind-blowing landscapes

Vietnam is a lucky country to have so much beauty available! From beautiful landscapes such as mountains, beaches, and desserts, to lively cities with gorgeous architecture! Most of them are still keeping the natural appearance and holding historical value. Therefore, one of the reasons pulling you to Vietnam must be the picturesque landscapes.

From the North to the South, there are a lot of nice places you should come. In addition to famous places where you have to pay entrance fee like Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province, Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng national park with natural caves in Quang Binh province, Củ Chi tunnel in HCMC, Trúc Lâm Temple, etc, there are a thousand of breath-taking places without paying fee such as ladder rice field in Yen Bai province, Vọng Canh hill in Hue, Cam Thanh Coconut Village in Hoi An, etc. The landscapes are beautiful from the natural wonders to countryside views which brings you the peacefulness. Click on Best destinations in Vietnam to get more information.

Vietnam – a paradise of street food

Along with the Vietnam Attractions, Vietnam cuisine could be considered as one of the reasons why Vietnam should be listed in your destinations. The food in Vietnam is amazing with a variety of dishes. Most of the dishes are tasty and healthy with a lot of vegetables. The most special thing is Vietnam street food. Once you travel to Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss a variety of street food which typifies the culture of Vietnam. The image of Vietnamese women sitting on the pavement and selling tasty food is so familiar to any Vietnamese and soon to you if you decide to visit Vietnam. Many tourists coming to Vietnam fall in love with the food at first bite.

Enjoying Vietnam street food, you absorb yourself into the local life and discover the food the Vietnamese eat every day. The kinds of street food all over Vietnam is uncountable. They are different from each other from the North to the South and they all cheap and tasty. Here is some suggestion for you: Top 10 best Hue street food, Best Saigon street food.

Vietnam Coffee – One of the best coffee all around the world

If you are addicted to coffee, you must travel to Vietnam which is the second biggest coffee producer in the world. Many people want to visit Vietnam again just because of the coffee. You definitely cannot forget its flavor once trying.

People produce coffee in an organic and clean way to make sure remaining its savor. In addition to the instant coffee mix of some famous brands such as G7, NesCafe, Birdy, Wake-up, there are many other versions that the local make like coffee with sweetened condensed milk, egg coffee, salty coffee, coconut coffee. All of them are really good and we highly recommend you to try them.

Pleasant Weather

Hoan Kieme lake in Hanoi

Being a tropical country, Vietnam weather is usually warm and sunny, which is suitable for outdoor activities, especially going on tour. In Summer, it is quite hot, the temperature is about 27-35°C (80 – 95°F) and it is for someone who loves sun bathing. On the other hand, the temperature in Winter is not so low, about 10 – 20 °C (50 – 68°F).

The weather is different from the North to the South. For the North, the temperature is usually cooler than the South. In Winter, some areas in the North may have snow. Nevertheless, the South is warmer, even in winter, the temperature is not lower than 22°C (71°F). Therefore, the best time to travel to Vietnam is from September to March, when the weather is cool.

Vietnam – best destination for traveling on budget

Travelling to Vietnam doesn’t cost much because the living standard and the currency denomination is much lower than others. Compare to other countries in Asia, Vietnam could be a good destination for people traveling on a budget but still enjoying the best attractions and food.

A suggestion for you if you want to cut down the cost is searching for the local homestay, local food and beautiful attractions with low entrance fee. It doesn’t mean the trip quality is low, but it makes you access to local life and enjoy the best things.


Vietnam people – Friendly and Hospitable

Every country has good and bad people. We cannot say that everyone in Vietnam is friendly, but most of them are willing to help if you have any troubles and they always respond you with a smiling.

If you get lost or you want to ask for any places, just ask the local people and they will show you the way. If you need to call a taxi without knowing the phone number, ask the local people, they will call one for you. It’s just about their characteristics, wanting to help other people.

Sometimes, you might feel uncomfortable because they stare at you quite long. However, they don’t mean bad attitude, I’m sure. They are just curious about foreigners and if you smile at them, they definitely smile at you back.

Hope that by reading this post, you were able to find one more destination to add to your bucket list. For anyone who still hesitates to travel to Vietnam, I hope that theses top 10 reasons have given you more insight and motivation to travel here and explore this beautiful country, We always warmly welcome you – our beloved tourists. Visit I Love Vietnam Tour to get more information about Vietnam.

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