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Grilled pork and rice vermicelli - Best Vietnam local food

Top 10 Best Hue Street Food Only the Local Know

For many foreign visitors, Hue cuisine is just some traditional food like Beo, Nam, Loc cakes, or Hue beef noodle soup. However, they are just tourist food, only the local know the best Hue street food. Here are some suggestions to enjoy Hue food like a local.

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Bread)

Banh Mi is the iconic food of Vietnam. Many famous chefs and food critics in the world consider Banh Mi as the best sandwich. That is why Banh Mi in Hue is the most popular street food, from students to officers, they all enjoy Banh Mi in Hue. When strolling in any Hue’s street, you will always see lots of Banh Mi vendors. However, not all Banh Mi in Hue is good, some of the best places for Banh Mi in Hue:

  • Bao Thanh Bakery
  • Thao Bakery
  • Banh Mi Truong Tien

Hue people are very creative, they are not satisfied with the basic traditional Banh Mi in Hue, so they created many other kinds. Learn more about it in our article: 50 shades of Banh Mi in Hue.

Bread in Hue night market
Bread in Hue night market

Banh Khot (Hue Mini Savory Pancake)

Banh Khot is not originated in Hue, it was imported from Quang Nam province. However, when people brought Hue Mini Savory Pancake here, they changed it to be more suitable with Hue people’s taste. That is why Banh Khot in Hue is one of a kind. It is the perfect combination of crispy base, fresh vegetables, and the sour, sweet and salty of fish sauce. There are only 2 Hue Mini Savory Pancake restaurants, the best one is in Nguyen Hue the most popular street food in Hue. This best Hue street food is available in the Hue Street Food Tour

Customer of I Love Hue Tour enjoying Hue Mini Savory Pancake

Grilled corns and baked sweet potatoes

When strolling along the Perfume river at night, you can easily spot many small street food vendors with coal stoves, some spices and lots of corns and sweet potatoes. They serve grilled corns and sweet potatoes, one of the best Hue street food for students. Corns are coated with fish sauce, sugar, chili, butter and scallions before grilling. And sweet potatoes are buried inside coals and baked. As the students love this dish, there are many grilled corns and baked sweet potatoes vendors in front of the Hue University’s College of Education.

Grilled corns and baked potatoes
Grilled corns and baked potatoes

Sweet Potato shake

Vietnam is the country of sweet potatoes, we grow them in every inch of land we had. That is why sweet potato is the main ingredient in many traditional dishes. However, there is a new and modern dish whose sweet potato become totally different. Must you have heard about potato shake right? The things which are always available in any fast food store. If potato shake is your favorite dish, then you should definitely try Sweet potato shake. Not only it is more delicious, this dish is also good for your health since sweet potato is one of the best food for diet.

Sweet potato shake
Sweet potato shake

Banh Ep (Hue Savory Crispy Crepe)

Appeared in Hue city 10 years ago, Banh Ep or Hue Savory Crispy Crepe still kept its reputation as there are more and more people fall in love with this simple but flavored food. The recipe is very basic, with cassava flour as the main ingredient, and a little bit of egg, minced meat or dried beef, and scallions as toppings. This best Hue street food is served with fish sauce, but different restaurants will have different types of fish sauce to attract customers.

Banh ep
Banh ep

Banh Trang Trung (Vietnamese Pizza)

The special Vietnamese Pizza is very famous with young local people nowadays. Coming from the south, Vietnamese Pizza made their way to Hue at a rapid speed. As a result, this best Hue street food immediately becomes Hue teenagers’ most favorite dish. To make this, people deep fry or grill rice papers, until it becomes hard and like a pizza base, while frying, they add topping like eggs, paste, dried beef, and cheese on top. Lastly, before serving, they will add some chili sauces, ketchup, and Mayonaise on top. You can find this dish everywhere on the street, just try looking for the phrase “Banh Trang Trung”. Or, you could take the Hue Food Tour to get to the best restaurant.

Banh Trang Trung - Vietnamese pizza
Banh Trang Trung – Vietnamese pizza

Bun Thit Nuong (Hue Grilled Pork Noodle)

This traditional dish is loved and enjoyed by any generation in Hue, from the oldest to the youngest one. Hue Grilled Pork Noodle is the typical noodle salad dish, with rice noodle, fresh vegetables, grilled pork, fried peanut, and a special sauce from pork liver, peanut, and sesame. You best Hue street food at any traditional Hue restaurant, but to enjoy the best of this dish, you should find these places:

  • Huyen Anh restaurant –  52/11 Kim Long, Hue city
  • Tai Phu restaurant – 2 Điện Biên Phủ, Hue city
  • Lac Thien restaurant – 6 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hue city
Bun Thit Nuong - Hue grilled pork noodle
Bun Thit Nuong – Hue grilled pork noodle

Nem Lui (Hue Lemongrass Skewer) – Undoubtedly the best Hue street food

Along with Hue Grilled Pork Noodle, Hue Lemongrass Skewer is a must-try in any Hue traditional restaurant. This best Hue street food has a long history, as it was a royal food which was only served the King and the royalty. Nowadays, it becomes more common, but when you try this Hue specialty, you can feel like a King. This is very popular in Hue food tour. Meatball is shaped around a stalk of lemongrass which makes it more flavored, then they grill it on a coal stove. You can find this dish in any Hue Grilled pork noodle restaurant, or take a Hue food tour.

Nem Lui - Hue Lemongrass Skewer
Nem Lui – Hue Lemongrass Skewer

Spicy Snail – a strange best Hue street food

Are you an adventurous person who love and dare to try new things, even the strangest matter? Then this best Hue street food is just for you. With one and only ingredient – snail, and lots of chilies, ginger, and fish sauce, you will find this dish addictive. Because many tourists are afraid of this dish, it is not available in any Hue food tour program. However, if you want to try it so bad, you can find this Hue specialty yourself at these places:

  •  Oc Minh Nghia – 253 Phan Bội Châu
  •  Cau Vuot Snail – 17 Bùi Xuân Phái
  •  Cay Mit Food vendor – 95 Thái Phiên
Spicy snail
Spicy snail

Hue Balut (Duck fetus eggs)

Another challenge for food explorers is the fearsome Hue Balut. Have you ever imagined eating an unborn duck? It may look creepy and cruel, but these duck fetus could not be born even if you don’t eat it, so just feel free to enjoy. People could use a spoon to scoop the meat out or use your hand to take the whole egg. Let’s try, cuz this could be a lifetime experience. Just remember, never try, never know.

Did you fall in love with Hue cuisine yet? Then pack your back and come to Hue. Hue will always welcome you. Take our Hue Food Tour to have a unique experience with local people. You can check reviews about our tour on TripAdvisor.

Hue Balut - Duck fetus egg
Hue Balut – Duck fetus egg


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