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Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi


Hanoi – The capital with thousand years of civilization always attracts tourists at the first sight with its ancient features and tranquility. A tour around Hanoi will leave a deep impression on visitors from the simplest things. Hanoi is really a great tourist center of Vietnam, is one of the interesting places that attract both domestic and international tourists. Ranked first nationwide in the number of Vietnam with 3840 relics of nearly 40,000 of Vietnam, therefore, Hanoi has strengths and qualify for cultural tourism development, spirituality, and the workshop.

Here are the top 10 Hanoi attractions you should not miss.

Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple

The first one appears in top 10 is Hoan Kiem lake and Ngoc Son Temple. Situated in the heart of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem is a symbol of Hanoi capital. It is a wonderful place for people wanting to get away from the noise and frenetic pace of the city. Hoan Kiem Lake attracts tourists through its peaceful and quiet atmosphere and fresh air. The lake surrounds Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower and the Turtle Tower standing on a small island near the center of the lake. The temple was built in commemoration of the 13th-century military leader Tran Hung Dao who was renowned for his bravery in the battle against the Yuan Dynasty.

The lake and the temple offer plenty of trees and shaded spots make a sparkling colorful natural picture. Beautiful sights of Hoan Kiem Lake give people the chance to escape busy streets and relax after hard working times. Rule of visiting: buy visiting tickets at a booth on the left, comply the temple’s regulation, keep the order. And listen and follow the local tour guide.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

  Everyday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

  30.000 VND

Ba Dinh Square – President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

One of Top 10 Hanoi attractions we have to mention is Ba Dinh Square. It is the place where Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence on 2 September 1945, establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is his eternal resting place, the main view overlooking the historic Ba Dinh Square. This is the result of the creative labor of Russian and Vietnamese scientists.

The mausoleum was inaugurated on August 29, 1975. The whole area of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum is 14ha consisting three layers.  The overall shape of the mausoleum is a stylized lotus flower. In front of the tomb is a flagpole 30m high. Bamboo figurines on both sides symbolize the countryside of Vietnam. In the front of the tomb, there are 18 longevous trees (each side nine trees). On the top of the tomb is President Ho Chi Minh with ruby-colored rubies. The two sides of the tomb are orchards, the typical fruit of the countryside of Vietnam. Visitors must comply with requirements such as dress code, do not carry electronic equipment and keep order.

Top 10 Hanoi Attractions

  Five days a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Hanoi Old Quarter – One of the best Hanoi attractions

One of the reasons why Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, has attracted so many visitors around the world is its Old Quarter (36 old streets and guilds). The pace of life in Hanoi is very fast, but Hanoi Old Quarter seems to be totally contradicted. It is located right at Hanoi’s center and well-known for its history, architecture, local foods or even the daily life of the residents. Formed in the 11th century, this place can bring tourists back to the past, giving them a chance to discover the traditional culture and custom of Hanoi as well as Vietnam.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

Although the old section of Hanoi is the “36 Old Streets,” there are more than 36 actual streets. Another characteristic of Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the old-style narrow streets full of antique brick houses, the ancient house architecture with pipes and tiled roofs. Especially on Saturday every week, folk arts activities such as Cheo, Quan ho, Tuong are performed by the Vietnam Musicians Association.

The Temple of Literature – the first national university

The Temple of Literature takes about 10 minutes away from Hoan Kiem Lake. Dubbed the first university in Vietnam, Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is not only a well-known historical monument in the capital but also contains the quintessence of feudal historical periods and preserving the traditional values of Vietnam. It is a harmonious combination between modernity and ancient, are two pieces that exist in parallel together. Therefore, Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is a part of the soul of Hanoi and also the pride of Vietnamese.

Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam was built in 1070 in the reign of Emperor Ly Thanh Tong. It is one of several temples in Vietnam which is dedicated to Confucius, sages, and scholars, then became the place for examinations, aiming to foster talents, training talented. One of the famous monuments of Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam are 82 tombstones including name, the place of birth of 1307 Ph.Ds took part in 82 examinations from 1442 to 1779, especially a tombstone is located above tortoise backs.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

  10,000 VND (about 50 US cents)

  8:30 a.m – 11:30 a.m and 1:30 p.m to 4:30 p.m every day, except Monday and national holidays.

Dong Xuan Market – the largest indoor Market in Hanoi

Located at Dong Xuan Street, Dong Xuan Market is the oldest and largest market in Hanoi. Constructed in 1889, Dong Xuan Market has the large multi- stalls market sells various things. It offers an array of goods from fresh foods, souvenirs, clothing, home appliances and so on. Especially, unlike many markets in Vietnam, Dong Xuan Market has mainly served tourists and opens until early morning.

What is more striking about this market is its historical events which you still can experience when visiting this place. It witnessed a fierce battle between the Vietnamese resistance forces and the French. Tourists will have an opportunity to discover the traditional activities as well as culture and custom of Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

  Daily 06:00 a.m – 7:00 p.m

  Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi


One-Pillar Pagoda – the unique architecture

The temple has the unique architecture in Asia, shaped like a stylized lotus rising from the water. The temple was built by Emperor Lý Thái Tông, who ruled from 1028 to 1054. According to the court records, Lý Thái Tông was childless. He dreamt that he met the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, who handed him a baby son while seated on a lotus flower. Lý Thái Tông then married a peasant girl that he had met and she bore him a son. The emperor constructed the temple in gratitude for this in 1049, by erecting a pillar in the middle of a lotus pond, similar to the one he saw in the dream.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

One Pillar Pagoda is one of the longest historical and cultural relics, the symbol of the capital of Hanoi. The temple is built of wood on a single stone pillar 1.25 m in diameter. One Pillar Pagoda has a unique structure with a square structure, located on a stone pillar like a lotus flower rising straight from the lake. Although the scale of the temple is not large, it carries a unique beauty and stands still through time challenges.

  Daily from 08:00 a.m to 05:00 p.m


Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has become an attractive destination not only for domestic tourists but also for international travel. When visiting the museum visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the 54 ethnic minorities. The Museum is a place to store material, objects of living, culture, customs, and habits of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, including 15,000 artifacts; 42,000 color photos; 2,190 positive films; 273 audiotapes; 373 audio and videotape and 25 CD-Roms. These objects are classified according to various criteria such as ethnicity, utility, clothing, jewelry, farm tools, fishing gear, household appliances, musical instruments, religious beliefs, weddings, vegetarian and many other spiritual and social activities. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is worth a thorough visit, for those who are keen to learn about the multiculturality of Vietnam and for those who would appreciate some green space.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

  40.000 VND/person/visit.

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Located at the heart of Hanoi, in Ba Dinh District, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is an outstanding destination of interest not only for the capital city-Hanoi in particular but also for the country as a whole. Ranked into the UNESCO word Heritage Site in 2010, this site is one of the ten special national heritage treasures sites of Vietnam. There are many artifacts and items such as old palaces, ponds, wells, etc… dating back from the 6th to 20th centuries were excavated in 2004.

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long cover around 18,000ha, including Flag tower (Ky Dai), South Gate (Doan Mon), Kinh Thien Foundation, Princess Pagoda (Hau Lau) and North Gate (Bac Mon). Especially, Hanoi Flag Tower is the most intact and magnificent architecture you shouldn’t miss. Thang Long Imperial Citadel
is an intriguing relic of Vietnam’s history reflecting and signifying its historical longevity and cultural layers.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

  8.00a.m – 5.00p.m, except Monday.

  30,000 VND/person

Bat Trang Pottery village – Hanoi’s traditional ceramic village

Bat Trang – the seven-century traditional ceramic village in Hanoi, is an interesting place attracts both domestic and international tourists.  Visiting Bat Trang, tourists will have a chance to know how to produce ceramic products like bow, cup, bottle, pot,… and decorate it. Besides, visitors can make a handmade ceramic gift to bring back their home. The shopkeeper will provide a rotating table and a tray of clay and guide how to create a ceramic product. Finally, you can feel free to shape and decorate your product. Besides, tourists can buy souvenirs such as necklaces, bracelets, key chains, piggy banks, etc… with a reasonable price. Moreover, tourists have a chance to join many entertainment activities such as riding buffalo vehicle to visit the village.

top 10 Hanoi attractions

Bat Trang belongs to Gia Lam District, you can take the bus 47 ( Long Bien – Bat Trang) that stops just a few step from Dong Xuan market. The bus runs every 20 minutes every day. Also, you can rent a motorbike and takes around 40 minutes to get there.

Hanoi opera house –  the most famous cultural and architectural monuments

The last one in top 10 Hanoi attractions is Hanoi Opera House. It is situated in a lovely intersection downtown, where five main city roads lead to, Hanoi opera house is considered one of the most famous Hanoi’s cultures with its unique architectural monuments. This building was constructed from 1901 to 1911 by two French architects.

top 10 Hanoi attrctions

Hanoi Opera House is the biggest theatre in Vietnam and the evidence about Vietnam’s history and culture under French rule. When visiting this place, there are a variety of events including local Vietnamese opera, traditional folk music, ballets and many international concerts. Especially, If you have time in the evening, don’t miss the chance to experience by sitting front of the opera house, just listen to the rhythm or watching people watching by. So peaceful!

Hope that all of above information gives you the overview of some famous tourist attractions in Hanoi. If you want to know more about the local life, the local foods, the traditional culture, and custom as well as have the amazing experience when visiting the capital of Vietnam, you can explore the whole city with our I love Hanoi.


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