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Quy Nhon - Vietnam's Seaside Hidden Gem

Top 10 Things to do in Vietnam

To many international tourists, Vietnam is quite a strange destination. Have you ever wondered what you would do if one day you won a trip to Vietnam? Read this article and find out the top 10 things to do in Vietnam, from North to South.

Firstly, let’s start your tour in Northern Vietnam and if you are really into nature, you should put these 2 attractions on your bucket list.


It would be a pity to miss Ha Long Bay when you visit Vietnam, because it is one of the most marvelous bays in South East Asia and was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. This bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin and includes over a thousand limestone islands and islets, that all make a glamorous picture.

Besides the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, this bay is also home to abundant fauna and flora systems and what is more surprising than that, is that most of them are still pristine and hardly unaffected by human’s footprint.

Let’s visit here, admire the wild beauty, listen to the nature’s sound and relax!

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay. Source: www.mrlinhsadventures.com


Besides Ha Long bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is also an ideal suggestion for those who want to run away from hustle and bustle of city life. Visiting here, you can admire one of the most impressive wilderness sites in South East Asia and one of the two largest limestone mountains in the world, one of which is home to the world’s largest cave, Son Doong Cave.

There isn’t a more interesting experience than drifting along the river, watching superb scenes on both riversides – things we hardly get to enjoy in the metropolis. Furthermore, this is a must for people who are keen on history because in the Vietnam War, these caves were used as hospitals and bomb shelters.

And then, we continue moving to Central Vietnam – the land of World Heritage sites, delicious food and friendly people.

A breathtaking scene inside Phong Nha cave
A breathtaking scene inside Phong Nha cave. Source: www.vietnamrealtour.com


If you are searching a combination between modern and traditional, fast and slow, there would be no place more perfect than Da Nang – a peaceful harbor city. On the first day in Da Nang, visit Linh Ung Pagoda where it is believed that any your wishes can come true. At this pagoda, you can witness Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha Statue and pray for your family.

For most travellers, spending their days enjoying serene beaches, eating local foods, admiring the shimmering city in neon lights is probably enough. To people who want to take part in the lively night life, bars and pubs on Tran Phu or An Thuong area – Expat Street, these are unmissable places or  you can discover Da Nang by yourself. No matter how picky you are, this city is always willing to satisfy you in its own way. There are so many things to do In Da Nang.

Danang city
Danang city


If you travel to South East Asia, but the time and budget can’t afford you to visit Cambodia, visit My Son once in your life in order to learn about ancient India.

In my experience, you should spend the tour guide fee, of about 200.000 VND to listen and comprehend this mysterious land. When you are listening to the guide, the whole ancient kingdom will gradually reappear in your mind: How they lived, labored and worshipped. The weather is often hot and humid, so don’t forget to wear hiking boots, bring broad brims, hand fans and sun screen.

My Son Temple in Vietnam
My Son Temple in Vietnam


For nostalgia lovers alike, with the perfect combination between traditional values, ancient houses, traditional food as well as games, narrow lanes and modern experiences, luxurious restaurants, lively bars and quiet cafes, many tourists quickly fall in love the tiny city of Hoi An. At night, you will be overwhelmed with colorful lanterns that are strung up together with floating lanterns and released onto the river. Don’t hesitate to grab your camera and capture these priceless moments. Another unforgettable experience you should try is tailor-made dresses or suits services which are made by skilled tailors. You just give your measurements; stroll around the town to kill time and when you come back, an immaculate dress is waiting for you!

Hoian with colorful lanterns
Hoian with colorful lanterns


What comes to your mind if someone tells you about sand dunes? The Sahara or Gobi Desert? Expensive adventurous expeditions? Don’t worry; you can totally get a taste of a desert by travelling to Mui Ne Sand Dunes. In many professional wanderers’ opinion, visitors should try to enjoy the sunrise from the White Sand Dunes, which is the most popular site. By travelling before sunrise, you not only witness the magical change of the sky, take enthralling photos but also feel the cool, soft sand grains moving into your footsteps. With the tour guide’s intelligence, you can get there on time and admire one of the earliest sunrises in Vietnam. If you want to save time and energy, a buggy costs about 20$, which will be perfect for this situation. If your budget allows, you should try a hot air balloon tour and relish everything from the height. What an enjoyable feeling!

If you visit Da Nang and want to try something different, go to Nha Trang – the city with high standard oceanic services has 2 places you must visit.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes
Mui Ne Sand Dunes. Source: www.justgola.com


The first place you should visit is VINPEARL LAND where travellers can go to the Water Park with lots of colorful multi slides and racing car games. Every night, you should visit the Water and Musical Fountain where tourists can enjoy performances that combine instrumental songs, lighting, water and fire perfectly. With elegant designs, the best sound and lighting system, this Amphitheatre makes tourists feel relaxed as well as have unforgettable experiences.

Vinpearl Land
Vinpearl Land. Source: http://nhatrang.vinpearlland.com


The second place is the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography which will not only enrich your knowledge, provide you with a relaxing holiday but also make you imagine that you are a part of the ocean. This place has been storing thousands of specimens, doing research and raising hundreds of marine creatures. It is considered to be the largest marine life museum in South East Asia. Visiting here, you can admire thousands of creatures which are collected in Viet Nam and other countries. What a must – visit destination!

NHA TRANG INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY. Source: www.goasiadaytrip.com













Finally, before leaving beautiful Vietnam, let’s visit the busiest region and experience one-of-the-kind moments.


When you were in high school, history bored you to death with dry knowledge and nonsense numbers? Have you ever wondered how the war started, finished and how people suffered? Let’s change your mind about history by visiting War Remnants Museum at Ho Chi Minh City! The Museum owns a precious collection, from valuable pictures, faded maps, paintings drawn by innocent children, to armored vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs and weapons. All these remnants have been set up from a fierce and bloody war and continue to teach us how to respect and keep the peace.

The entrance fee is 40,000 VND. However, in some special cases, the fee will be discounted or free. The museum is available all days of the week, including holidays; therefore, instead of staying at home and spending your time social networking, let’s visit this informative museum and gain interesting knowledge.


Finish your Vietnam adventure by visiting Mekong Delta, which is a perfect choice for experiencing unique things such as joining in floating markets, admiring the endless fields or enjoying local food.

Don’t miss Can Tho – this area’s metropolis with sculpture gardens, narrow backstreets, wide boulevards and friendly people. Cai Rang floating market is a wholesale market, so how do we know what they are selling? Very easy! Look at what is tied to the long pole above the boat and you will find out.

Besides trying floating markets, you should spend your time visiting traditional pagodas and temples where you can listen to interesting fairy tales and learn more about local life.

Cai Rang Floating Market
Cai Rang Floating Market

Book your tickets and come to Vietnam – your most exciting adventure awaits!

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