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Sai Gon is not only famous for delicious street foods but also special drinks. Don’t hesitate to come to Sai Gon because you can enjoy these amazing drinks whenever you want. Below are top 4 must-try drink in Sai Gon.

My Hoang

Coffee Bet (Coffe on the flat ground) – one of the most popular drink in Sai Gon

Coffee on the flat ground is an outstanding culture of the young people in Sai Gon. You will not have the tables or chairs like you sit in the coffee shops. Instead, the vendors will give you the newspapers to spread out sitting on the ground. So you can choose a favorite place which has a view toward Notre Dame Cathedral, Sai Gon Central Post Office or Diamond Plaza. Then you can call a cup of white coffee, add some snacks like grilled rice paper, dried and grilled squid. After busy days, you enjoy coffee on the flat ground, the special Sai Gon drink, ease your mind. In addition, you can talk with your friends and enjoy the landscape here. Especially, there are some people often play acoustic guitars or sing. Thus, drinking coffee Bet, a unique drink in Sai Son, recharging your energy for the new day.

  • 15OOO – 55000 VND.
  • Han Thuyen Street, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC
  • 6 PM - 10:30 PM
Coffee Bet Sai Gon

Nuoc Sam (Herbal Tea) – must try Sai Gon drink

street drink

One of the most favorite drinks of Sai Gon people is the herbal tea. The most basic herbal tea recipe contains sugar canes, the root of grasses, corn silks. However, variations of this drink can also include dried longan, the flower of the herbs. After drinking, you feel like your body has been recharged and revived your energy after a hard-working day. Therefore, there is no doubt that herbal tea is incredibly nourishing. Besides, Herbal tea is cheap so it becomes very famous Sai Gon drink. Because of this feature, you can easily buy herbal tea at every corner of Sai Gon. I guarantee that herbal tea is the best choice for drink in Sai Gon.

  • 7 000 dong to 10 000 dong
  • Hong Phong Street, District 5, HCMC
  • 7 AM to 11 PM

Dua Tuoi: Fresh Coconut – Sai Gon drink you shouldn’t miss

Available selling everywhere in Sai Gon so it is very famous. Fresh coconut is a delicious drink that you cannot miss out. The vendors will chop off the outer green husk and keep the small white inner shell. So herbal tea is designed for stopping-by or take-away. Fresh Coconut is a very good beverage for health because of its benefit of detoxification and cooling- down. Another advantage is you can eat fresh coconut by using the spoon and swirling inside out. Its taste is quite slightly sweet on the head of the tongue. Because the fresh coconut is good for health and cheap, t is extremely amazing to enjoy this Sai Gon drink.

  • 6 000 dong to 14 000 dong
  • Pasteur Street, District 3, HCMC.
  • 10 AM to 11 PM

Che (Sweet Soup) – the special Sai Gon drink

Sweet soup became a specialty dessert in Sai Gon. There have tons of sweet soup shops everywhere with a lot of different tastes, colors, and forms. You can enjoy some kinds of sweet soup, sweet lotus seed gruel, rice ball sweet soup, green bean sweet gruel or mixed fruit. So you can comfortably choose whatever you want. And you can use sweet soup as a dessert or mid-day snack. It provides a nutritious energy boost for the day; therefore, sweet soup is really delicious and special.

Che Thanh Tam

Che Nha Den

 25 000 to 40 000 dong

528 Phan Văn Tri, Ward 7, District 5, HCMC

9 AM to 11 PM

15 000 to 40 000 dong

476-478 Tran Hung Dao, District 7, HCMC

4 PM to 11 PM



As we know, Sai Gon is a wonderful heaven of food and drink. After reading these above Sai Gon drinks, hope you can have more information about drinks in Sai Gon. They are amazing, right? So let’s explore Sai Gon with  I LOVE SAI GON TOUR to have wonderful trips with our local bikers. Otherwise, if you are fond of visiting other peaceful cities in Vietnam, let’s take a look through Hue and Hoi An.  Because of the peaceful atmosphere, two cities will give you a lot of wonderful feelings and experience while traveling to Vietnam. So don’t hesitate, let’s explore Vietnam together!

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