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I Love Vietnam Community Projects – the Core Value of Youth

From a social enterprise in Hue city, the I Love Hue Tour has grown up and become I Love Vietnam Tour, which operates tours in 4 main cities in Vietnam. Despite the rapid growth, I Love Vietnam Tour still keep the core value of a social enterprisesupport the community. As there are many community problems in Vietnam, I Love Vietnam Tour continues to develop our charity projects as a core value of our team. However, since each area in Vietnam has its own problems, our Vietnam community projects are very diversified.

Bring back the fresh beauty of Hanoi – Hanoi Green and Clean Tour

Despite being one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, Hanoi is having some serious problems with the environment. As the pollution in Hanoi is always at an alarming rate, the city has lost its pure and fresh beauty. It is hard to see the crystal clear sky, instead, there is always a soft mist due to the air pollution. Moreover, the grounds in some famous sights are also full of garbage from groups of tourists.

In order to create a better environment and restore the cleanness and beauty of our beloved capitals, I Love Hanoi Tour created the Hanoi Green and Clean Tour. It is because our team care about the environment and want to reduce the Carbon footprint in Hanoi. In addition, we want to spread our spirit and raise awareness of everyone who visits Hanoi. We know that we alone could not do much, however, if we could make locals and tourists to work together, we can create a better Hanoi.

Even though the Hanoi Green and Clean Tour were just created, we already got many supports from the girls in Hanoi Team. Most of them are students who come to Hanoi to study in Hanoi’s universities or local people who were born and grow up here. But no matter how long they have stayed in Hanoi, their love for this beautiful city is equal. And they can do everything to make Hanoi better. That is why this project is perfect for them, as they can show people from all over the world the beauty of Hanoi while inspiring the tourists to love Hanoi as well.

Connect with local charity organizations in Hue – I Love Hue Charity Tour

As the kingdom of Buddhism, Hue is the city of peacefulness and kindness. That is why Hue people are always willing to help other unfortunate lives. A signature part of Hue is that there are numerous NGOs and social centers which try to help people who live with disabilities or orphans. However, not many people know about these organizations and how to support them, which make them face many difficulties alone.

To change this situation, the I Love Hue Tour company has collaborated with many social centers and organizations in Hue in our tours. Our vision is to let more people know about these wonderful places. Many customers were touched by seeing the amazing people in the social centers that we visited. For example, we take tourists to the Peaceful Bamboo Family for a cup of coffee at the beginning of the I Love Hue Countryside Tour. Or bringing the tourists to learn to make rings from electric wires from the deaf and mutes at HOPE Social Center at the end of Hue New Experience Tour.

To make it more meaningful, we also have a charity tour for the special tourists who are passionate about the community works. As in I Love Hue Charity Tour, we will take the customers to 5 organizations. All the profit of that tour will be donated to those organizations. In addition, I Love Vietnam also have a fund for Vietnam community projects, which we will have a big event annually at one of the organizations which we support. These have been one of our company’s special traditions.

Experience the local difficulty – Hoi An Charity and Countryside Tour

Despite being a small tourist town, Hoi An also has its own problems. While the center of Hoi An Ancient Town seems well-developed, the rural area seems to be less wealthy. That is because of the countryside of Hoi An is a hidden treasure which is not yet discovered by the tourist industry. Therefore, by visiting the countryside, you will not only see the exotic beauty of Hoi An countryside but also experience the real struggle of the local people.

The Hoi An Charity and Countryside Tour of our Vietnam community projects is for that special purpose. It was meant to show people the other side of the fancy Hoi An, as well as the real beauty of Vietnam’s villages. In this tour, tourists will not only see 4 villages outside of Hoi An but also visit an orphanage. For us, travel is not about enjoying things. It is about observing life in different perspectives.

Solving the urban problems in Saigon with I Love Vietnam Community Projects

I Love Saigon Tour is our newest member. However, we have already seen many problems with this modern city. That is why right at the first days of our journey in Saigon, we had reached out to find a way to support this city. And that was when we found the Hope Unending Organization. Hope Unending is an NGO which aims to solve the women trafficking and women abuse in Vietnam. Seeing the enthusiasm of these wonderful women coming from all around the world to help our country, we glad that we had found the right place to support. The lady riders in Saigon are now gladly to engage in such meaningful Vietnam community projects.

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Besides the problems about women trafficking and abuse, another problem of Saigon is the overwhelming of homeless people. We are still working on this issue, however, there are some wonderful ideas from the female students. For example, we would love to create some campaigns to raise some essentials such as old warm clothes or blanket for homeless people or putting a free bread box near the homeless area. Those ideas may sound simple, but if we do it together and creating a serious plan, anything is possible. We believe a future when the youth hold hands together to support the community would be close.

In conclusion, we glad that the I Love Vietnam family has expanded and still keep the core value of a social enterprise. We hope that our message, our spirit will reach to the young generation and empower them to change the world to a better place.

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