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VIETNAM DEAF TOUR – Physical disability cannot stop travelling dream

Vietnam Deaf Tour

It will be a big mistake if we think that disable people cannot enjoy travelling. I love Vietnam tour company did prove that. We provide Vietnam deaf tour in which the deaf can explore Vietnamese landscapes, cuisine and culture like other people.  I did join one of those tour and it became my most impressive one. That experience was extremely different that made my thought about the disabled people, especially the deaf totally change. Although they are unable to hear and speak, they totally can feel the world by their heart.

My feeling after my first Deaf tour ever

At first, I was a little nervous because this was the first time I joined this tour. In addition, I  just knew a little bit about sign language. I was afraid that I couldn’t communicate with our guest, though we had a deaf tour-guide, Phuong, from our office work-staff.  My first thought that we only supported her to pick up our guests, but everything was totally different. No need of verbal language, we still understand each other.

 They shared their life stories with us, especially the way they studied, got marriage and had a great family with 6 children. I cannot imagine how hard it could be to nurture their kids. For that reason, I had to say that “ unbelievable ”. We not only had chance to join the tour, but also opened my point of view about life. We did have a great time together.

Our wonderful clients are at Thien Mu pagoda

What did we explore in this tour?

Our two awesome guests brought us this surprise to the other ones. Firstly, at the coffee shop, the first destination, we had salty coffee together. I appreciated the way they showed us their sign language patiently, particularly how to say “I Love Hue”. After a lovely chatting, we got used to combining  sign language and body language to express our words. In the next stop, we saw their eyes catching new things, experiencing new culture. They were really eager to learn, they asked me a lots of questions about Vietnam, the Hue destinations and Buddhism.

Our client and biker are at Salty Coffee Shop in Hue

When we visited the Hope center, the last destination, a deaf man in the center showed us how to make a ring by tiny electronic ropes. Having a look at the way everyone focused on making this, I realised that a miracle did happen, it was like we could touch other souls. It was not about language, the difference of language , it was about the connection from heart to heart . At that time, there were seven people who didn’t talk by a verbal language, but by love language. We felt a little happiness in different ways .    

How happy our guests were! How much I admired them. From that moment, I did not think they were disabled people anymore, they were like real extraordinary people.

Nice moment between lady bikers and our clients in the deaf tour

I love Vietnam tour are willing to be the companion for the deaf in travelling

I had to say “ thank you ” to these special guests because they gave I love Vietnam Tour company more motivation to make a great different thing in tourism and help our community better and better everyday. 

The vision of I Love Vietnam Tour always wants to bring an equality for everyone all around the world in general and travel-aholic in particular. We want they all have chances to discover the beauty of the world despite of the limitation of physical ability. In the near future, we hope that we our deaf tour will be able to be expanded, so that more and more deaf people can be brave to discover the world. Furthermore, our deaf tours also brings meaningful values that we create good job opportunities and strong belief for the Vietnamese deaf to have a better life. You and I, together, we are building a better community, a better world because when you give a meaningful thing for the others, it means that you receive more than one happiness.

If you are interested in deaf tour, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to create more tours for deaf people in Vietnam. In I love Vietnam tour company, the deaf can join every single tour. There is no difference or limitation in tour for the deaf.

Vietnam deaf tour


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