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You love traveling to discover the difference and natural beauty. You are really into visiting the unique culture in many parts of the world, Asia is an example. Undoubtedly, Viet Nam has become one of the most attractive destinations in Asia, having seen the number of amazed visitors every year. Coming to Vietnam, you experience the new culture and explore the beautiful sightseeing. As there are some unpredictable things happened in the trip, preparing for a trip to Vietnam is really important. It helps you to ensure your visit will be safe and pleasurable as possible. Therefore, you should read the 10 Vietnam travel tips below to Vietnam to find out how to get a wonderful journey.

Thuy Oanh

Choose the best time for you

The first Vietnam travel tip is choosing which time of year you are keen on taking a trip to Vietnam. Your favorite seasons will help you to choose your passionate destinations. You are keen on cold weather with the chill of winter, or you love to bundle up as the weather turns cold. The North of Vietnam is a perfect choice for you such as Ha Noi with chilly weather, or Sa Pa with the snow and spectacular sightseeing.

Hue located in the central of Vietnam, is an imperial city. The weather is pretty warm and pleasant in the summer and quite cold in the winter. You can visit Hue all year around through famous destinations such as the Citadel, many tombs like Khai Dinh , Tu Duc or natural views of Thuy Tien lake, Canh Duong beach.

The South of Vietnam is really suitable for people loving dry and sunny weather. You can sunbathe, dip into the water or swim at some beautiful beaches like Vung Tau, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Con Dao. They are all famous for their natural beauty. If you love adventurous activiites, let’s try some stimulating sports like sky-diving, surfing, water-skiing.

Plan for your destination

Our wonderful guests and lady bikers in Hoian Ancient Town

One of the useful Vietnam travel tips is that you need first some important information about the accommodations and locations by searching on Google. One of the most prestigious sources in the world is Tripadvisor. It is an American travel and restaurant website company providing hotels and restaurants reviews, accommodation bookings, and other travel-related content. Or you can join in some traveling Facebook groups which you can get a lot of useful reviews from other travelers. Secondly, finding some special tours you love is essential. In Vietnam, there are some unique tours like Motorbike Tour, Street food tour, countryside tour, charity tour. Thanks to these special and well-organized tours, you probably get amazing trip. You will detect new knowledge without being afraid of poisonous food, high price issue or even getting lost.

Obtain your passport and visa

When going traveling, important documents like passport and personal documents play pivotal roles that allow you to go abroad. As a result, you have to make sure that these things are always in your backpack. Besides, remember to bring visa to ensure your exit and entry procedure is okay. Additionally, you can put all your documents in clear bag to avoid losing, and you should make some copies in case you lose your documents. Last but not least, it is essential to have a piece of paper with all the information. For instance, your passport number, family’s contact from your home family, your bank phone in case you lose your bank cards, emergency number( police, ambulance, ), and your hotel phone and address.


Bring your own gadgets


As Vietnam is known as a tropical country, it is pretty much hot and humid year around. Sometimes, it  causes unpredictable weather like in the morning the weather is sunny but it is rainy in the afternoon. Therefore, another Vietnam travel tip to Vietnam is that you should bring your personal items like medicine, umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen and other kinds of clothes like T-shirt, short, jeans, swim suits in sweltering weather or jackets, pants, and sweaters in cold weather.

Use 4G sim for the Internet

You will get free wifi in some cities like Hoi An or from all services like restaurants and hotels. However, on your journey, you need 4G sim for the Internet in case you need to access maps to locate destinations, or Urber and Grab apps to get convenient transportation. Or simply, in a wonderful moment on the journey, you take the photo and keep memory. It is really awesome, isn’t it?

Install useful apps

grab-uber apps

Uber and Grab are two essential apps which benefit you get fast and convenient transportation with reasonable price. In Vietnam, these kinds of transportation are popular and all the rage especially in big cities like Ha Noi, Sai Gon, Da Nang. The next Vietnam travel tip is to install Uber and Grab in your smart phone.
In addition, the offline dictionary can be a good idea that helps you to look for some English words. When you do not know how to express like  spicier (bland) food. It is also a helpful Vietnam travel tip, isn’t it?
Also, google map plays an important role that helps tourists get fascinating trip by locating correctly their expected locations.

Get basic knowledge about Vietnamese culture

One of the most important Vietnam travel tip is that you should find out some fundamental information about Vietnamese culture. For example you can get to know lifestyle, custom, the tradition in order to avoid being shock culture.

For instance, in Vietnam people often celebrate Tet holiday to welcome new year . In many parts of the country like Hue, people often have the meal with much spice and chili. In Sai Gon, people really love iced coffee called Saigon Coffee, which is all the rage in Sai Gon.

The atmosphere of Tet holiday in Vietnam

Get the correct currency for your Vietnam trip

Vietnamese money

This one cannot be missed in list of Vietnam travel tips. In Vietnam, U.S. dollars can be used commonly in many large hotels and tourist hotspots, but you’ll need the country’s official currency-the Vietnamese dong to buy things in food stores or markets. You can exchange money at the airport and banks, hotels so that it is easy and convenient for you to get Vietnamese currency. Right now, 1 U.S dollar and 1 euro are equivalent to 22,713 and 24, 250 thousand Vietnamese dongs respectively. As the value of the currency may change from year to year, you have to convert currency frequently. Click on currency converter to help you out. 

Learning a bit local language

Coming to Vietnam, by knowing some basic Vietnamese phrases, you can avoid some bad circumstances like getting lost. Moreover, you can also ask some useful information because not all Vietnamese people can understand English. Thus, one more Vietnam travel tip is to know some common Vietnamese phrases which are beneficial for you to have a safe trip, or simply, it is interesting to know Vietnamese language as you can try new thing.

Greeting others

Hello: xin chào

How are you: bạn có khỏe không

Thank you: cảm ơn

Sorry: xin lỗi

Good morning: chào buổi sáng

Goodbye: tạm biệt

Asking information in restaurant, market, walking street, park

Price: giá

Toilet: nhà vệ sinh

Asking information about some famous destinations in each city

 Hue Citadel: kinh thành Huế

Uncle Ho Mausoleum: lăng Bác Hồ

Hoi An Ancient town: phố cổ Hội An

Ben Thanh Market: chợ Bến Thành

Contact with other foreign friends

When going traveling, it will be super fun to discover new things in Vietnam with other friends because the more, the merrier. The final Vietnam travel tip is that you can contact with other friends through some apps like Whatsssap or Facebook, Instagram. By making new friends, you get a group and go together to explore the world.

Futhermore, when getting lost, you can contact them to get more information about the address of destinations, hotels or restaurants. It is necessary for you to confidentially explore a new world without worrying about being lonely as you have the local and passionate friends.

You can join in some Facebook groups in which many foreign people share travel tips or you can participate in travel content facebook groups of the  local people like this group: things to do in Vietnam.


After reading some travel tips to Vietnam, hope you will get more information before visiting this wonderful country. Coming to Vietnam – a country with the rich history and culture, you will definitely enjoy the best trip in your life. You probably set food on new country, explore the beauty of each city. For instance: busy life of Hanoi, modern construction of Saigon, peaceful feeling of Hoian or historical value of  Hue. If you love street local food- a symbol of community life of Vietnam, you can join in Street food tour. Or, you love to talk with local people, you want to know the true life of Vietnamese, Countryside tour is a good choice. Besides, Pottery Tour is a good option for guys enjoying traditional value of  Vietnamese culture. Moreover, with people loving to discover the life pace of Vietnamese in big city with consecutive bustle, you can not miss Night Tour.

These are all 10 travel tips to Vietnam for people preparing for coming the country soon. Just charge full of energy and be ready to reach Vietnam. Let’s go, experience and be awesome to Viet Nam. We are waiting for you!


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