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Vung Tau destinations

     Vung Tau is regarded as one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Vietnam with pretty long beaches. Futhermore, this city still has impressive tourist sites attracted by many people from other places. Coming to Vung Tau’s beach for relaxing certainly helps you reduce stress after a long working time. Let’s try to visit Vung Tau in the summer to have best memories in your life.

    Talking about the summer, we cannot help mentioning nice beaches which brings you real relaxing moments on your holiday. Let’s check some recommend below.

Back Beach

Back Beach in Vung Tau

    Back Beach, also called Thuy Van Beach, is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.  This Vung Tau beach is over 8 kilometers long, which is on the southeast of Vung Tau City.  It has busy streets, skyscrapers, hotels with every modern convenience and open-air spaces with types of entertainment for everyone. Back Beach becomes a famous tourist spot that is the first place of choice in Vung Tau in the summer.

Pineapple Beach

    Pineapple Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Vung Tau City. Unlike Back Beach, it is a romantic and poetic with numerous natural landscapes for sightseeing or taking nice photos. Therefore, Pineapple Beach gets good marks for its peaceful beauty. 

Pineapple Beach in Vung Tau

   Watching the sunrise on Pineapple Beach is a pleasant experience you should try when traveling Vung Tau in summer. You can have good feelings from fresh air or mild sunshine pouring on the sea surface in the early morning .

Con Dao

    About 180km from Vung Tau City, Con Dao is an off-shore archipelago belonging to Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. Con Dao owns neglected beaches and primeval forest system with various rare creatures. Therefore, it is regarded as “paradise of relaxation” which you should not ignore in this summer.

    Con Dao is ranked as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful and diversified coral reefs. You might also lose yourself in the beauty of beach, then immerse in crystal sea water. Fresh seafood in Con Dao (especially sea crabs) certainly will not make you disappointed, which is a little amusement making your perfect trip to Vung Tau in the summer. In the recent years, Con Dao has always been on the top list of marine tourism spots in Vietnam.

   Apart from beautiful beaches, you can try some fantastic activities.

Ho May Cultural and Ecological Park

   Ho May is Vung Tau’s largest ecological tourist site which is located on Big mountain at number 1A, Tran Phu Street, District 1, Vung Tau City. It is a marvelous fairyland with Vietnam’s largest artificial lake in the mountain, ecological garden of various animals, play park for children (include adventure games for adults), water park and so on.

Ho May in Vung Tau

   To come Ho May, you can get into a cable car to enjoy spectacular sight of Vung Tau beach right in front of your eyes. Although it is situated on the high mountain, there is no shortage of pleasure for multiple entertainment demand of tourists. You can enjoy fresh seafood on excellent restaurant, have relaxing moments in spa, or see overall view of Vung Tau city from Ho May resort.

Vung Tau Marina 

Vung Tau Marina

    Located at No.1, Dong Xuyen industrial zone, Rach Dua ward, Vung Tau city, Vung Tau Marina is a totally new tourist destination with traveling by yachts and sailboats. Coming to Vung Tau Marina, tourists can try some awesome activities such as surfing by yachts, going sightseeing from sailboats, exploring fisherman’s life or enjoying fresh seafood here.

Worldwide Arms Museum

   Worldwide Arms Museum is the largest private weapon in Vietnam. It was founded by Robert Taylor, a British national and his Vietnamese wife Nguyen Thi Bong. The museum is situated at No.98, Tran Hung Dao Street, Vung Tau City. Over 2500 items from many countries in the world are on display such as 1500 pistols and rifles since many years ago, hundreds of army uniforms of European countries in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and wide range of other valuable items.

Christ the King Statue

   Vung Tau’s Christ the King Statue is a statue of Jesus with outstretched arms at the height of 32 meters. Facing the ocean, the statue stands on the top of 170-metres Small Mountain in Vung Tau city. You need overcome about 800 steps to reach this statue.

Kito God Statue in Vung Tau

   Inside the statue, it has 133 other steps for you to climb up to Christ’s arms. Then, you will be able to enjoy cool sea-breeze as well as Vung Tau’s breathtaking view from the hillside. Try to have most unforgettable experiences in Christ the King Statue – one of interesting activities in Vung Tau in the summer.

We hope that you will have some useful information for your next trip to Vung Tau City. Certainly, you won’t be disappointed with your holiday in this beautiful city. Have a good trip!


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